15 November 2018

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Holiday Entertaining?

When you imagine the holidays, you might picture a cozy family gathering around the dining room table, smiling as they glow in warm candlelight. To be sure, the dining room is often where meals are served. But every year, where do your friends and family actually end up congregating the most? It’s… the kitchen! For whatever reason,Read the full article

05 November 2018

Exterior Painting: The Key To Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather

Blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, record-breaking temperatures – extreme weather is becoming more common across the country. The winter months can cause a long list of headaches for homeowners, but many of those headaches can be prevented! Before the temperatures start dropping too much, make sure your home’s exterior is ready for harsher weather. Seal theRead the full article

01 October 2018

Commercial Painters for Stadiums and Arenas

From hockey games to soccer matches, football games, concerts, and conventions, we know the appearance of a commercial venue can be as varied as the events that take place within it. If your sporting venue is worn-down or tarnished, it can deter people from attending events there. Similarly, the wrong exterior colors can be aggressiveRead the full article

13 September 2018

Why Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Should Include Exterior Painting

Fall is just around the corner, and that means the dash to complete those projects that improve your curb appeal, boost your home’s value, and (most importantly) protect your property all winter long, is in its last leg. You might be reluctant to invest in a new project with the cold weather fast approaching, butRead the full article

14 August 2018

Commercial Painters for Office Spaces

Do you own a business in the North Raleigh area? The interior and exterior appearance of your office space is just as important as the employees that occupy it. Whether your office houses some of the most creative minds in marketing or tech geniuses handling IT problems, it needs to be a place that inspiresRead the full article

13 August 2018

Timothy Dorsey, Our New Job Site Supervisor, Completed A Nice Pro-Bono Project !

Timothy Dorsey, our new job site supervisor, completed a nice pro-bono project for Ursula Thompson and her daughters Jaidah and Morgan recently in Raleigh. Ursula provided the paint and we provided the expertise.

09 August 2018

Commercial Painters for Retail Locations & Shopping Centers

Whether you sell clothing, home goods, or food and drink, we know the appearance of a retail store can be as varied as the customers that patronize it. If your storefront is worn-down or tarnished, it can deter people from stopping into your location. Similarly, the wrong exterior colors can be aggressive to consumers, dependingRead the full article

07 August 2018

CertaPro Painters of North Raleigh Hired A New Painting Crew

CertaPro Painters of North Raleigh hired a new painting crew this week with the lead painter Timothy Dorsey, Gatwo Businge, and John Ntireganya. Both John and Gatwo are refugees from the Congo and are brand new to the United States. A special thank you goes out to Brad Brock of Spectrum Paint. They allowed usRead the full article

06 August 2018

Prepping Your Patio For Party Time

It’s the season of fresh air, barbecues, and playing in the pool, especially in Raleigh, NC. Looking to spruce up your patio for an upcoming party? Here are three great ways to infuse your outdoor space with style and create an inviting place for guests to gather. Take the indoors out Does your patio orRead the full article

03 August 2018

Painting Project for Janie Carothers from WQDR in Raleigh

We were thrilled to complete a painting project for Janie Carothers from WQDR in Raleigh! Click the link above to hear what she has to say about working with CertaPro Painters®.