Great job as always!

Suzanne S. | Raleigh, NC
September 25, 2018

They sent one guy to paint our interior of the house, 2 bathrooms, our kitchen and a focal wall in our family room. He was very nice, professional and very good. He didn't finish in one day, so he came back on Saturday morning. We very much appreciated this as it was Labor Day weekend, and he had plans with his family

Annie D. | Youngsville, NC
September 14, 2018

great job

Cameron C. | Wake Forest, NC
September 5, 2018

I have to say I have never seen work like that before. It was ver the top. The Caulking and finished look made everything brand new. The painting was done in such a professional way. I think I saw one tiny drop on the floor but that was it. The carpeting and the flooring, everything was cleaned up. The thing that inspressed me so was the lightbulbs in the bathroom were clean and bugs taken out. They wasn't part of the job is what I'm saying.

Anetha W. | Raleigh, NC
August 27, 2018

I had a great experience with CertaPro. They were professional, very detailed, and kept me updated throughout the process. I highly recommend them!

Tracy B. | Raleigh, NC
August 25, 2018

It was pretty good.

David S. | Wake Forest, NC
August 23, 2018

I would have you and your crew to paint my home anytime, thank you for your professional service.

Eugene P. | Rolesville, NC
August 22, 2018

They did an excellent job!

Robert M. | Clayton, NC
August 22, 2018

The painters were on time, worked diligently and were courteous and professional. They had a considerable about of drywall repair to do before painting and did an excellent job!

Marlene S. | Raleigh, NC
August 21, 2018

I suggest s bit more communication after the contract is signed. I had to call the office to find out when the Handyman would come to do repairs.

Gary B. | Youngsville, NC
August 18, 2018